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Life and Universe are the two words about which everyone just talks or discuss, but no one reaches the truth. Everyone in this world wants to perceive the knowledge regarding fate, fortune, stars etc, but very few procure it and that apart not complete. We indulge into good deeds to procure good results. Why do people want to know their future to change it? To prevent something bad from happening or to avoid an area that might be involved in some event.

Some people lean towards god to worship and some wander at religious places for peace of mind. You indulge yourself into tensions of family and life, which even affects your health and disturbs your life. By looking at such problems only, famous Astrologer Pt. G.D. Vashist has prepared a book named Lal Kitab Amrit.

Lalkitab Amrit

  • Why everyone must have depth knowledge of their Janam Kundli?
  • What are the problems in your life? You must know the reason of your bad health.
  • What type of relation can give you peace and happiness?
  • Who are those relatives who can deceive you?
  • Which type of friends you should make who will not let you have brief and pain in your life?

Remedies Related Precautions

  • Perform one remedy in a day. When one remedy gets completed, only after that start with another remedy next day.
  • Perform the remedy at the day time (after sunrise and before sunset).
  • Perform only those remedies after sunset which is being instructed to perform after sunset.
  • Anything that has to be float into water must be floated only after revolving around your head for 7 times.


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